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Traditional methods of treatment-Ulnar Nerve

Pathology Assessment & Evaluation Treatment Massage Techniques

Traditional methods of treatment
Medical treatment of both conditions emphasizes conservative approaches, such as rest from offending activities and splints to reduce aggravation of the nerve. Splints are especially helpful at night when the wrist or elbow may be held in detrimental positions (wrist hyperextension or elbow flexion) for long periods. Once irritation of the nerve is removed it will usually heal on its own, although the healing process may be slow.

Because Guyon’s canal syndrome is caused by external compression, removal of the compression is usually sufficient to treat the problem, although healing may be slow. In cubital tunnel syndrome surgery may be used if conservative treatment is ineffective. One of the more common surgical procedures is called an anterior transposition. It involves repositioning the ulnar nerve so it is not compressed in the cubital tunnel. Other procedures include removing a portion of the medial epicondyle and slicing the aponeurosis that covers the tunnel to make more room for the nerve.
Pathology Assessment & Evaluation Treatment Massage Techniques



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