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Ulnar Nerve Entrapment
by Whitney Lowe

Pathology Assessment & Evaluation Treatment Massage Techniques

Ulnar nerve in the elbow region

There are two locations where the ulnar nerve is likely to be compressed in the upper extremity. The first is at the elbow in a region called the cubital tunnel; here the condition is called cubital tunnel syndrome. The second is at the wrist as the nerve enters Guyon's canal (also known as the tunnel of Guyon). Here, ulnar nerve entrapment is called Guyon's canal syndrome.

These two problems occur more often than we realize. In fact, cubital tunnel syndrome is considered the second-most-common upper-extremity peripheral-compression neuropathy, with carpal tunnel syndrome being the first. Luckily, identification of these conditions is not terribly difficult. Massage treatment is also generally effective.

Pathology Assessment & Evaluation Treatment Massage Techniques


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