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Massage Lotions -Light

One Gallon Aloe and Comphrey Massage Lotion

Massage Body and Bath LogoOur massage lotion was formulated to meet specific requests from our customers to
incorporate new and exciting ingredients. Our  Massage Lotion has met with overwhelming
approval from our customers and has had very high resale response.

Of particular interest is the introduction of Sodium PCA in our massage lotion formula. Sodium PCA is the natural moisturizing factor of the skin and allows the skin to fully re-moisturize after being subjected to drying conditions, such as wind and sun, harsh detergents and soaps, bathing and swimming. Older people have about 50% less Sodium PCA in their skin than younger people, thus contributing to a dry, hard skin condition.

Sodium PCA and Glycerine act as both humectants and as moisturizers. They draw and bind moisture to the skin, even in low humidity conditions. Aloe reduces the effects of sun and wind burns, and the reddening caused by soaps detergents. Allantoin (derived from the Comphrey plant) increases the ability of the skin to heal itself.Coconut Oil and Cetyl Alcohol (a waxy solid derived from palm oil) act as emollients to smooth and soften the skin.  Vitamin E is added for stability.

Massage Body and Bath’s Massage Lotion is an excellent massage lotion and a superb moisturizer for all people who suffer from dry skin.  Professional Massage Therapists use this product for their massage therapy practices with great results.



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Free Samples Massage Oil – Massage Lotion – Botanical Olive Oil

We are so confident that you will be delighted with our massage oils and massage lotions, that we are giving away free samples.

Special Trial/Sample Size Offer
1 4oz Massage Oil 
1 4oz Massage Lotion
1 4oz Botanical Olive Oil Skin Silk Lotion

Due to the high cost of fuel and shipping charges, all we ask is that you pay actual shipping charges of $9.99.


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