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Foot Massage A What Exactly Is It

30 December 2011 One Comment

Massage Article of the day #44: 12/30/2011

Foot massage is the something about which everyone knows but only someone use. It’s wrong. Nothing to influence more positively for our body and our health than massage. Foot massage is the part of great massage culture and has same rich history. The most massage schools in different countries include foot massage as the important part of its philosophy. All oriental medical theories pay seriously attention for this aspect. All modern techniques use foot massage too.

One of the most important period for foot massage development was the era infantry military campaigns when the possibility to go on foot was equal the possibility to win. Feet were the only means of movement and keeping it in good conditions was the task number one. In that times medicine worked out many interesting techniques of foot massage and tested them in real conditions of wars. During many centuries after that massage systems improved and were transformed in massage schools which developed continuously. Nowadays this great experience and invaluable knowledge put in practice as in the European massage techniques as in the traditional oriental massage schools. For example Thai foot massage is very popular now.

Foot Massage A What Exactly Is ItNow the foot massage helps to keep our feet healthy. Periodical massage makes lymph flow and blood circulation better, it stops the formation of varicose and edema. Massage is useful to treatment of cardiovascular diseases, injuries of soft tissues, bones, joints, peripheral nerves, central paralysis. In addition, a significant improvement in overall well-being of limbs, heaviness in the legs disappeared, and seizures. And after the physical exertion foot massage is a must.

If you want to get maximum effect the massages should be made by professional masseur. Only in this case you can get all what you expect. Only masseurs who work in the health clinics or massage have possibility, experience and knowledge to make quality massage for you.

Meanwhile you can get comparatively small positive effect in case to do foot massage yourself. You can use special gadgets or not. For positive effect you have follow some tips:

· Necessary to start to make frottage from the fingertips to the hip joint and groin

· Massaging foot, don’t forget to massage every finger separately from the nail to the base.

· Stroking the ankle should start with the front surface ant then move on the side surfaces and on Achilles tendon

· Do not massage foot and lower leg separately

· Massaging of the popliteal depression, should not be strong and energetic movements

· Duration of the massage should be up to 15 minutes

· Doing self-massage, remember contraindications. Before start necessary to consult a doctor.

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  • nurugel said:

    To need treatment injuries of soft tissues, bones, joints, peripheral nerves, central paralysis.

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